The Academic Programme

The Fellowship Psychiatry training syllabus intends to define, for trainees and educators, the knowledgebase that underpins the acquisition of competencies-based learning over the two years training Programme. The content of the educational syllabus is intended to inform knowledge acquisition across clinical, informal and formal education settings as well as self-directed learning in accordance with CanMed framework. Trainees will be expected to attend this 2-year rolling time protected Academic Programme, which is held, at AJCH Hospital once a week. The hospital has study area available for trainees with an access to online resources.

The programme includes:

  • Regular weekly didactic half day protected over the two years training Programme.
  • Mental Health Ground Round delivered by the MDT every week
  • Journal club reviews every month
  • Case base presentations every month
  • Mortality and Morbidity meetings every 2 months
  • Paediatric Hospital Grand Round Every week
  • Self-Learning Study time

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Programme Overview Of The Academic Educational Activities

Daily7:30-8:00 amMorning Report(Sign in)
3:00-3:30 pmHand off (Sign out)
Tuesday7:30-8:00Intake allocation meeting(Cases training)
8:00-9:00Clinical MDT discussion
10:00-13:00Didactic Teaching
13:00-14:00Mental Health grand round
  • Case discussion/month
  • MD Team presentations/twice a month
14:00-15:00Self-Learning study period for Didactic Teaching
Wednesday12:00-3:00Journal Club
Thursday7:30-8:30Hospital Grand Round
11:00-12:00PD meeting with all fellows monthly-(first Thursday)
13:00-14:00-Morbidity and Mortality Case Conference every second month Thursday

Research Activities

The Mental Health Centre of Excellence aims to integrate in our daily practice through applying innovative diagnostics and treatments measure to improve the quality of patient care. Research or quality projects are encouraged and desirable. Fellows can participate in various projects that increase their scholar activities and improve patient care.

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